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Before you post about the end time or rapture...
We believe that Jesus Christ, our Lord and Messiah, will come back and that there will be a rapture. We believe that those whom He counts as His bride, will meet Him on the clouds and that the most intense and horrifying tribulation ever will start to take place, for a period of seven years. At this moment there is a very small amount of time left. We don’t know when this moment will happen, nor that anyone else knows but the Father. However, we can know the season and we have a strong believe that it will happen in this generation. The signs in the world are overwhelming and everything is becoming darker with every second. This part of our forum is meant to share all revelations and other news in regard to the end time and the upcoming rapture.

We are aware that there are many Christians who believe that the rapture has already taken place or will never take place. If you’re one of those Christians, you’re free to deceive yourself, but you’re not free to share those teachings or discussions on this forum. Those who do anyway, will be banned.

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