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Before you post a Prayer Request...
This part of our forum is exclusively for prayer requests. Everyone is allowed to post their prayer requests here. Please do note that none of the requests are private, so be careful with private information or with sharing to much details. Your situation is known to God, so are all the detail thereof. It is ok to just ask for prayer, without sharing details at all. 

Pray along!
This part of our forum is not just for those who have a prayer request, but also for those want to pray along for these requests. If you do pray for someone, please make sure to let them know by giving them a (short) reply.

Private details
If you do wish to share personal/private details, that shouldn’t be publicly visible, you can use the private message option, where you can talk with someone in private. The private messages between users are not visible to others. Here you can safely share more about your request, or a prayer warrior can share a revelation or word that God has for you personally.

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