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All the Glory: Brand new album by Terry MacAlmon

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Back in 2006 I was on the phone with the manager of TBN Europe, when he asked me if I had ever heard of Terry MacAlmon. I couldn’t say I had. Then he started to tell me that I really should listen to his music. With all due respect, that is something you often hear people say, so I didn’t expect to much. When I did decide to listen to his music, I experienced something I had never experienced before. The entire room was filled with the tangible presence of God. I did had that experience before, but never so intense. Terry’s worship cd’s were and are really anointed and a huge help to go into worship and to worship God in spirit and in truth. Just a few years later I had the privilege and honor to get to know him in person and I can only say that he is one of the nicest and humblest people I know. He has been and still is a true example for us.

In April of 2018 Terry MacAlmon released his brand new album, filled with live worship from Trinidad. In the video above, Terry is sharing about this album. Today I’ve listened to the album for the first time, or maybe I should say for the first five times. I really love mature and authentic worship, which this album definitely is. Therefore I am highly recommending this album to all of you! Worship along, reach out to our Lord and Master, and let Him change the atmosphere in the place where you are.

The audio cd is available through his official website or on Amazon.

The digital album (MP3) can be ordered through iTunes, Amazon, Google Music and several other platforms.


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