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Book: On The Edge Of Revival


A revival is an initiative of God. That is what many Churches have always taught, and in part this is true. But does it also mean that revivals only happen randomly, without us being able to contribute anything to it? Surely not. Even more, a revival has always been available. Every person who reaches out to it, and who wants to do what God desires from us, can cause a revival to happen. Although we see revivals as an extraordinary happening, it basically is no more or less than God's standard. The basic level of the Christian life. The power of God, the fire of God and all the signs and miracles should be a normal part of every Christian life. Does God want to give a revival in this time and generation? Yes! But on top of that we're also living in a time where the latter rain is available, or as the Bible literally calls it: The extra measure…

Author: Robin Prijs
Format: Paperback, eBook
Release date: February, 2017
ISBN 13: 9789082531275
Languages: English, Dutch

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